What are the types of barite ?

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Update time : 2018-01-22 11:08:14

Barite is a sulphate mineral with chemical formula BaSO4, chemical composition BaO 65.7%, SO3 34.3%. Often containing strontium and calcium. China's barite deposit can be divided into four types, namely, sedimentary, volcanic sedimentary, hydrothermal and residual slope type.


1. Sedimentary type

Block or stripes and bean granules; associated minerals barite, quartz, clay minerals, pyrite and so on.


2. Hydrothermal type

Associated mineral dense, gray to white; associated barite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, hematite, fluorite, toxic stone and so on.


3.Volcanic sedimentary type

Associated minerals barite, siderite, mirror iron ore and so on.


4. residual slope type

Easy to choose, high grade; associated with barite, fluorite, calcite, quartz and so on.


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