How to improve the glossiness of Precipitation barium sulphate application products ?

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Update time : 2018-01-29 11:54:32

The gloss of the coating is the ability of the coating surface to reflect the light of the projected light, the stronger the reflection ability, the greater the gloss. The main reason for the effect of barium sulfate powder on the glossiness of the film is its particle size and dispersion. If the barium sulfate powder itself is very fine in size and can be uniformly dispersed into the coating, , Dense as a mirror, gloss will be very obvious; the opposite barium sulfate particle size is too coarse and poor uniformity, coating surface roughness, gloss will be reduced and dark tone.


Glossiness is an important indicator of ink, which has a significant impact on the quality of the printed parts. The traditional precipitation barium sulfate (Glauber's salt), not only poor dispersion, and low gloss, can not be applied to the ink of the formula system. The better barium sulfate material is actually added to the ink formulation in the form of a concentrated slurry. The barium sulfate component is added in an amount of 20 wt% to 70 wt% of the total amount of the slurry. The average particle size of the nanometer barium sulfate powder material is 10 nm to 1 μm. In the ink production, different types of ink products on the barium sulfate material quality requirements are also different. In addition to the ink preparation process but also according to the specific characteristics of various types of ink and the choice of different performance of barium sulfate.

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