Is Particle Size the important index of titanium dioxide?

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Update time : 2018-02-26 14:03:40

The particle size distribution of titanium dioxide is a comprehensive index, which seriously affects the properties of titanium dioxide pigments and product application performance. Therefore, the discussion of hiding power and dispersibility can be directly analyzed from the particle size distribution.


The factors affecting the particle size distribution of titanium dioxide are more complicated. First, the size of the hydrolyzed original particle size , and the original particle size is controlled within a certain range by controlling and adjusting the hydrolysis process conditions. Followed by the calcination temperature, when metatitanic acid in the calcination process, the particles undergo a crystalline transformation and growth period, control the appropriate temperature, so that the growth of particles in a certain range. Finally, the product is crushed, usually the transformation of Raymond Mill and the adjustment of the analyzer speed, control the quality of crushing, and used other crushing equipment , such as: universal mill, air mill and hammer mill.