Which types of barium sulfate are used in powder coatings?

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Update time : 2018-03-05 10:19:41

China's powder coating manufacturers generally use barium sulfate as a filler in large amount ,then calcium carbonate filler followed. According to the physical properties of non-metallic materials, a small amount of kaolin, talc, wollastonite, bentonite as a function of filling. BaSO4 filler in powder coating  is divided into three categories based on different production process: precipitation, grinding method, complex method.


Precipitated barium sulfate: Crude blanc fixe is chemically synthesized in a reformer with high purity and narrow particle size distribution. The disadvantage is that the oil absorption is high and some mechanical impurities and coarse particles.


Grinding method Barium sulfate: using ball mill or Raymond mill, jet mill and other grinding equipment, ultra-fine grinding and surface modification of the physical processing methods, with low energy consumption, low manufacturing costs, large output, low oil absorption Characteristics, shortcomings are not high purity, with mechanical impurities, a wide distribution of particle size, the average particle size D 50 can only reach  0.8μm min.


Complex method barium sulfate: the deep-processed  of  above two type products, such as  use barium chloride to instead of part of barium sulfate in the synthesis  process of precipitated barium sulfate production  to obtain higher purity products;  Use wet grinding + surface treatment process , the particle size can be adjusted by process control,low  oil absorption , less mechanical impurities and higher barium content .