Titanium Dioxide in PVC Plastics

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Update time : 2017-10-25 10:33:52

Titanium dioxide in the application of PVC plastic is intended as a white pigment and light shielding agent.


Rutile titanium dioxide with stable chemically and has little or no effect with other elements and compounds at room temperature. It is also insoluble in water, dilute acid and weak inorganic acids, and because of its highest refractive index, maximum specific surface area and lowest The density of these properties in line with the PVC plastic white pigment the basic requirements.


As PVC plastic light shielding agent, mainly used for outdoor products such as PVC doors and windows for the hard PVC profile, construction irrigation pipes, pipe fittings, advertising light boxes with white PVC sheet and so on.


Most PVC plastic products in white, and  the majority of the white pigments are rutile titanium dioxide, foreign products such as doors and windows with the profile to add 8 ~ 10pht titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide can effectively resist the UV PVC substrate Damage, PVC commodity life has reached more than 40 years and still continue to use, the domestic doors and windows plastic for the cost price limit, the general amount of titanium dioxide is only 3 to 6 copies, due to limited titanium dioxide in PVC plastic "concentration", Can not effectively shield the UV, the PVC substrate weather resistance is poor, greatly shorten the service life, more self-discipline enterprises with anatase titanium dioxide production of doors and windows profiles, this profile will soon lose the use of function.


Rutile titanium dioxide in the application of PVC plastic, in addition to the requirements of titanium dioxide has a good optical properties, moderate particle size, the dispersion is also an important technical indicators.


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