TiO2 for Plastics

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Update time : 2017-10-09 11:34:32

Titanium dioxide(Tio2 for plastic ) with its high hiding power, high achromatic power and pigment performance of the three main functions are widely used in plastics, in fact, in addition to these three applications, it can improve the heat resistance , light resistance, weather resistance , So that plastic products from sunlight attack, improve the mechanical properties and electrical propertiesof plastic products .


Because plastic products are much thicker than paint and ink coatings, it does not require too much pigment volume concentration, plus high hiding power, strong tinting, and typically only use 3% to 5%.Be used in almost  thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics , such as polyolefins (mainly low density polyethylene), polypropylene, ABS, polyvinyl chloride, etc., which can be mixed with resin dry powder, Plastic liquid mixture, there are some titanium dioxide is processed into masterbatch before use.


Most of the plastic titanium dioxide particle size is fine, usually coated with titanium dioxide particle size of 0.2 ~ 0.4μm, and plastic with titanium dioxide particle size of 0.15 ~ 0.3μm, so you can get the blue base phase, large Most of the resin with yellow phase or yellowish resin has a shadowing effect. Ordinary plastic titanium dioxide with conventional hydrated alumina, generally not subject to surface treatment, such inorganic coating of titanium dioxide, 60% relative humidity, the adsorption of balanced water in about 1%, when the plastic in extrusion processing at high temperature ,  moisture evaporation can cause  bubble on the plastic smooth surface.


Titanium dioxide without inorganic coating is generally subject to organic surface treatment, but also because the tios for plastic and coatings are different, titanium dioxide  for plastic is in the low polarity of the resin, through the shear force processing Mixed, organic surface treatment of titanium dioxide, in the appropriate mechanical shear force, can be better dispersed.


Through the use of rutile titanium dioxide can be a good improvement in the performance of these plastic products, especially in the application of plastic products continue to expand, many external plastic products, such as plastic doors and windows, building materials and other outdoor plastic products with high demand for weather resistance Can be improved well.