The use of barium sulfate in lead - acid batteries

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Update time : 2017-12-01 10:19:05

BaSO4 filler in the battery production process as a battery anode lead paste additives, has the approximate lattice parameters with lead surfate ,is crystal material. The main effect of adding barium sulfate is as the crystallization center of lead sulfate when discharged. Since lead sulfate can crystallize on the same crystal barium sulfate without the need to form a lead sulfate nucleus, it does not produce the necessary supersaturation to form the nuclei. In addition, the presence of barium sulfate so that the discharge product of lead sulfate is not precipitated on the lead, but in the barium sulfate precipitation, so that the active material lead will not be covered by lead sulfate passivation layer, barium sulfate play a role in delaying passivation The During the charging process, barium sulfate also has the effect of preventing direct surface area contraction of lead.


At present, there are two types of ultrafine precipitated barium sulphate used in the domestic battery factory, one is the precipitated barium sulfate containing the modifier such as "ultrafine barium sulfate for the battery", "modified superfine barium sulfate" and the other Precipitated barium sulfate without any modifier. We think will add modifier barium sulfate is not suitable for use in batteries, according to the following:


The median diameter of the ultrafine precipitated barium sulfate particles is generally about 1.5μm. In the natural state, when the modifier is not added, the powder particles are prone to cluster phenomenon, the surface area is obviously increased and the morphology is irregular. Barium sulfate manufacturers in order to paint, ink, rubber, plastics, paper, glass and spices and other industries in the better application of the production enterprises in the barium sulfate precipitation reaction stage by adding modifiers and surfactants to achieve the purpose of modification. The untreated barium sulfate surface is hydrophilic, has good dispersibility in water, and settles after standing. The modified ultrafine barium sulfate is suspended in water due to strong hydrophobicity, and on the other hand increases the volume of the particles, and the performance density of barium sulfate particles decreases. However, this barium sulfate with such modifier, if placed in an acidic medium, precipitates as it does with the barium sulfate without modifier. We believe that the manufacture of batteries, the choice of the more pure the better materials, barium sulfate added modifier, the battery is a harmful impurities, we should have a clear understanding.