Barium sulfate be used for electrical surface

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Update time : 2017-11-27 11:29:37

Barium sulfate used as two combined titanium and dye in the plastic gasket can increase the amount of dye and can save 10% of the cost.


The application of barium sulfate (about 25 percent) in PP make the PP surface to be ABS-like, and does not affect the PP's inherent properties, providing high gloss and high hardness of the surface, barium sulfate 's replenishment rate can reach 80% , used in drainage pipes, speakers, can be effectively isolated noise , barium sulfate is applied to the window can increase the weight.


BaSO4 filler for electrical appliances shell can provide high gloss, good hue, scratch resistance, good stability and other advantages of stability, in addition, barium sulfate can be used as the following aspects: paint and thick slurry, topcoat, emulsion paint, printing Ink, wood and lacquer, jelly powder, adhesives, elastomers, seals, thermosetting, thermoplastic, dyes, paper coatings.


Barium sulfate due to a strong chemical inertia, good stability, Naisuan Jian, moderate hardness, high proportion, high whiteness, can absorb harmful rays and other advantages, is a kind of environmentally friendly materials, so in-depth for a variety of coatings, High-grade inks, pharmaceutical synthetic chemicals, rubber, paper, porcelain, cosmetics and so on. Refined barium sulfate used in a variety of coatings (water, oil and jelly powder), ink, paper, project plastic (electrical shell, metal plastic), high-grade electrical insulation plastic, rubber products such as packing. Battery cathode expansion rods, can also be used to manufacture porcelain, enamel glazed material. The deposition of barium sulfate can be used as a pale paint, can also be used as a supplement for rubber and paper, can increase its weight and slip degree. The deposition of barium sulfate in the rubber, plastic, paper, lacquer, ink, paint and other industries used as filler, brightener, weighting agent.