How many production process of Titanium dioxide ?

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Update time : 2017-12-25 10:07:28

At present, the production process of titanium dioxide is only sulfuric acid process and chlorination process titanium dioxide:

1. Sulfuric acid process: Use of titanium concentrate or acid dissolved titanium slag acidolysis reaction with water, get oxygen titanium sulfate solution, after hydrolyzed metatitanic acid, again into the kiln calcining output semi-finished products.The process is long, intermittent operation, low degree of automation. The general production of 1 ton of titanium dioxide, there are about 8 tons of waste acid production, environmental protection is extremely unfavorable, leading to the process has been gradually halted.


2. Chlorination processWith high titanium slag, rutile and react with chlorine to produce titanium tetrachloride, through distillation, and then the gas phase oxidation method, gas-solid separation to obtain semi-finished products.The process is short, and continuous, high degree of automation, excellent quality of finished products. Friendly environment, is expected to gradually replace the sulfuric acid process titanium dioxide.


3. Post-processing: whether  by sulfuric acid or chlorinated process  produced  are semi-finished products, can not be used directly, need to be post-processing, including inorganic coating and organic coating and other processing, the difference between the majority of product grades are reflected in the different post-processing process .