Barium sulfate filler for masterbatch

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Update time : 2017-08-08 11:05:52
Barium sulfate is commonly used as a filler for plastics to increase the density of the polymer in vibrational mass damping applications. In polypropylene and polystyrene plastics, it is used as a filler in proportions up to 70%. The barium sulfate filler has an effect of increasing acid and alkali resistance and opacity.
The natural ore (barite) through grinding, dry cleaning, drying to get the barite powder (also known as heavy barium sulfate), white or gray powder with density 4.3-4.68g / cm³. Barite will reduce the formation of soluble barium sulfate under heated to 1100℃, and then with sulfuric acid or sodium sulfate reaction to produce precipitated barium sulfate (also known as heavy barium sulfate), fine particle size, whiteness up to 92 ° or more, good gloss, good thermal stability and excellent processing performance.
Barium sulfate is used widely with excellent performance, and become a new plastic materials as one of the functional modified materials. Barium sulfate has the advantages of improving the chemical resistance of plastic products, improving the appearance of products and other characteristics, used in PP, ABS, PA, PE and other resin production of household appliances shell, machinery, auto parts, air conditioning panels. Barium sulfate can also increase the proportion of plastic products, improve the wear resistance of plastic, anti-aging, increase the gloss, etc., to expand the application of plastic products.
Barium sulfate as filler in plastic can reduce the cost , to improve the rigidity of plastic;to improve the molding processability of plastic; to increase the scale stability of plastic products and parts; to improve the quality of plastic products;to improve the hardness of plastic surface;to  increase the tensile strength and tortuous strength of plastic; and give plastic more features, increase the added value of plastic.