What Is The Difference Between Blanc Fixe And Precipitated Barium Sulfate?

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Update time : 2017-07-20 11:59:59
Chemically, Blanc fixe and Precipitated are the same material which are barium sulfate, but Blanc fixe is barium sulfate containing impurities, and precipitated barium sulfate is pure. Physically speaking, blanc fixe is a white oblique crystal, and precipitated barium sulfate is colloidal precipitate.

Because blanc fixe has a special nature and low cost of development, it is gaining increasing attention. With the development of modern industry, the blanc fixe purity, whiteness and size have put forward higher requirements. Therefore, with the continuous development of science and technology and research in depth, more performance of blanc fixe will be revealed. Deep processing of blanc fixe such as ultra-fine powder, purification, surface modification, not only broaden the application areas, but also has better economic benefits,and have greater demand in the domestic and foreign markets.

Blanc fixe is an important barium-containing minerals, with a large proportion (4.3-4.7), low hardness (3-3.5) chemical stability, insoluble in water and acid, barite powder is mainly used for petroleum, chemical, Fillers and other industrial sectors, of which 80% -90% for oil drilling in the mud aggravating agent.