Why does Barium sulfate play a important part in coating?

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Barium sulfate as an extender pigment is widely used in coating, to improve the coating thickness, wear resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, surface hardness, impact resistance and other plays a very important role. In addition, barium sulfate with high reflectivity in wavelength 300-400 microns range, can protect film from light aging.It is an effective and inexpensive white inorganic light stabilizer.
Made through a special process of superfine barium sulfate has a lot of characteristics which other similar products do not have.The acicular crystal structure makes it a good smoothing agent, and can enhance the coating property, it can be used in the cleaning type as strengthening agent in the coating; Because of its low oil absorption and high degree of filling amount, so can make the coating cost reduction, can be used in waterborne coatings, primer and intermediate coating, oil paint, etc.
Precipitated barium sulfate used in powder coating with high gloss, good flowing property, strong weather resistance, chemical stability and other characteristics. The products be used as the material of ink /painting /plastic /pigment /cosmetics/ advertising /battery, both as a filler in the rubber products, and reinforcing role, poly (ethyl chloride resin as filling agent and weight gain agent, impression and bond paper surface coating agent, textile sizing agent; Also can be used as clarifying agent, defoaming and increase luster effect in glass, and as anti radiation protection wall.
Precipitated barium sulfate is also used in ceramic, enamel, spices and pigments and other industries. It is also can be maked to other barium salt of raw materials, powder coating, paint, ordnance equipment, Marine primer paint, automobile paint, latex paint, exterior architectural coatings, can improve the product light fastness, weather resistance, chemical and electrochemical corrosion resistance and decorative effect, enhance the impact strength of the coating.
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