What are the chemical purification methods for barite?

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1, flotation method purification

With the continuous development and utilization of high-grade optional barite ore, it is urgent to increase the research on the development of low grade barite mine. Barite is often associated with fluorite, calcite, quartz and other minerals closely associated with low grade, embedded cloth fine size, complex composition, the traditional re-election process is difficult to effectively separate. Flotation can be adapted to a variety of complex types of barite bar, thus becoming the main method of barite selection at this stage.


2, calcined and purified

The mineral calcination process is characterized by a heat dissociation as a compositional simpler mineral or mineral itself that undergoes a crystalline transition from a solid phase pyrolysis to another physical and gas phase. Because barite minerals are mixed with Fe2O3, TiO2, organic matter and other impurities during the process of bedmaking, these impurities make the barite gray, green and green, etc., thus affecting the purity and whiteness of the barite and seriously reduce the weight The value of the use of spar. Calcination can be organic matter volatilization, calcination removal is mainly applied to remove the heat at high temperature decomposition or evaporation of impurities.


3, leaching purification

Leaching is mainly used to remove carbon and colored impurities from blanc fixe. Their presence affects the whiteness of barite concentrates and their application prospects. The main methods to remove these impurities are: acid leaching method, oxidation-reduction method, organic acid complex method. Acid leaching method is the use of acid and minerals in the impurity metal or metal oxide reaction, resulting in water or dilute acid compounds, the washing filter, the soluble material can be achieved for purification purposes.

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