Which kind of Titanium Dioxide can be used in ink?

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Update time : 2017-09-26 14:26:43

In natural, there are three kinds of crystal type titanium dioxide, rutile type, anatas type and plate type.Due to unstable crystal type of plate titanium dioxide, thus only rutile type and anatas type titanium dioxide are suit for printing inks production,both of them are square crystal shape.They have stable physical and chemical properties, and the colour is pure white, fine grain, high refractive index.


In printing ink production, different types of ink product with different demand on titanium dioxide quality. Practice has proved, rutile titanium dioxide is good chemical materials which has ideal application performance, can be widely used in various types of ink preparation.We have tested for two kinds of titanium pigment performance comparison.It is not hard to see from the test, not only crystal shape, refractive index, but also tinting strength, fluorescent index of rutile titanium dioxideare better than the anatas titanium dioxide, rutile type titanium pigment, therefore, So rutile type titanium dioxide is widely used in printing ink production.


Comprehensive quality requirements of titanium dioxide in ink, mainly include the following:

(1) good whiteness, high durability yellowing, can make the color of printing quality in various environments to keep bright, bright;

(2) good wettability, easy grinding;

(3) small particles, easy to evenly dispersed in ink link material;

(4) strong hiding power, good dyeing force;

(5) good weatherability, heat resistance, chemical stability;

(6) good water resistance.