Rutile Titanium Dioxide

Rutile Titanium Dioxide ZR-940+

Rutile Titanium Dioxide ZR-940+
Molecular formula: TiO2
                                                                                  H.S. Code: 3206111000
                                                                                  EINECS No.: 236-675-5
CAS No.: 1317-80-2

Specifications:              R2(ISO591)ⅡASTM D476)
  Surface treament:          Al2O3 ,SiO2 and organic compounds
  Specific gravity(g/cm³):      4.1
  Loose density(g/cm³):      0.61
The product has high level of whiteness, lightening power, glossness, hiding power and easy dispersibility, good weather resistance and chalk resistance. 

Type Specification
TiO2 %                    92
105 Volatile substance %                    0.5
45μm test Mesh Residue %                0.05
△L*(Sample minus Refer Sample)                     

Scattering Power(Compared with Reference Samplea) %                        100
PH Value of Aqueous suspension 6.5-8.0
Oil absorption: g/100g                              23
a. Reference Sample is based on mutual agreement

ZR-940+ is the universal dioxide, particularly recommended for high quality paints used for internal and external coatings, both water- base and solvent-base (industrial, architectural, decorative), printing ink. This dioxide can also be successfully utilized for plastic, rubber, paper and leather, etc.

In plastic woven bags of 25kg net each, 40 bags per pallet, 20T per 20GP.
We can do packaging 500kg or 1000kg per bag if you demand.
Note: stored in a dry and clean storage.