Light Calcium Carbonate

Light Calcium Carbonate

Light Calcium Carbonate
Molecular formula: CaCO3
                                                                                  H.S. Code: 2836500000
                                                                                  EINECS No.: 207-439-9
CAS No.: 471-34-1

The industrial precipitate calcium carbonate also name light calcium carbonate which made of high quality calcium carbonate(limestone). It is white micro light powder, smoothness handle, with high whiteness,brightness, uniform distribution of particles and narrow diameter distribution etc.

Type Specification
CaCO3 % 98.0
PH Value (10 water suspention) 8.0-10.0
105 Volatile substance % 0.04
Hydrochloric acidinsoluble substance % 0.10
Settling volume ml/g 2.8
Fe % 0.08
Mn % 0.006
Mesh residue  125μm test sieve %
              45μm test sieve %
0.005            0.30
Whiteness % 95

Calcium carbonate is widely used in daily chemical industry as fillings in artificial bricks, rubber, plastic, papermaking, coating, paint, printing ink, electric cable, food, medicine, spinning and weaving ,fodder and tooth paste, etc. lt can help to increase the volume of products and reduce costs.
1,In rubber , it can reduce the amount of expensive natural rubber, increase its volume ,reduce costs, After adding calcium carbonate then can obtain higher strength tensile ,tear strength and abrasion resistance than the pure Rubber vulcanizate
2,In painting/coating ,it is as filling and as framework, latex paint more than 30% amount are used in thick paint, 26%-60% amount are used in water-based coating. It is not easy to  make the coating  deposition , easily dispersed ,good glossness.
3,In plastic, it can increase the volume of plastics,reduce costs,improve size, stability, hardness and tencity of plastic products.It can also improve the processing properties, heat resistance and astigmatism.

In plastic woven bags of 25kg net each, 40 bags per pallet, 20T per 20GP.
We can do packaging 500kg or 1000kg per bag if you demand.
Note: stored in a dry and clean storage.