The application of blanc fixe (superfine barium sulfate ) in top ten industries

The world is rich in blanc fixe resources, mainly in the United States, Russia, China, Peru, India and other countries, the world's barite reserves of 2 billion tons. China with rich barite resources in 26 provinces, autonomous regions are distributed, Guizhou Province, accounting for one-third of the total reserves, Hunan, Guangxi, respectively, ranking second and third, China's barite not only large reserves, And high grade, BaSO4> 92.8%. Rich ore reserves accounted for 99.4% of the total rich coal, large and medium-sized ore reserves accounted for 88.4% of the total.

1, the oil industry: 200 mesh, 325 mesh oil and gas field drilling mud additives barite powder.

2, the chemical industry: barium salt plant with barite as raw materials, the production of zinc barium white, precipitated barium sulfate, barium carbonate.

3, the paint industry: paint, paint as a substitute for precipitation of barium sulfate, lithopone, titanium dioxide, activated silica and other high prices of raw materials, suitable for controlling the viscosity of the paint, the product color bright and stable it is good.

4, the plastic industry: can be used for plastic ABS material filler, so that products shiny power, but also can improve product strength, stiffness and wear resistance.

5, the rubber industry: 500 mesh The following products can be used for a large number of rubber products as filler, reduce costs, improve product hardness, acid and water resistance, and natural rubber and synthetic rubber has a good reinforcement effect.

6, the paper industry: high fineness of barite powder can be used for white paper, copper paper filler and coating filler to improve the whiteness, improve the surface coverage. Product specifications: 325 mesh, 400 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, 1500 mesh, 2000 mesh, 2500 mesh, 3000 mesh, 4000 mesh, 5000 mesh, 6000 mesh.

7, the cement industry: barite, fluorite, gypsum and other composite mineralizer.

8,the glass industry: as a deoxidizer, clarifier, flux, can increase the glass's optical stability, gloss and strength.

9, the construction industry: for concrete aggregate, paving materials, heavy pressure marsh area buried pipes, instead of lead plate for nuclear facilities, atomic energy plants, X-ray laboratory shielding, to extend the life of the road.

10, other industries: barite powder can also be used in ceramics and other industries as high-quality filler.